On Honest Writing

I’ve had a lot of great feedback lately.

Some of it has been to tell me how much they loved what they’d just read, and when would I be doing either a romance or a YA.

My response is “probably never.”

I say “probably” because I never start a novel with a particular genre in mind, although I usually gravitate toward the thriller.

I’ve tried to focus my efforts toward a specific genre before, and the results can best be described (without a lot of very colorful language) as abysmal.   In other words, it reads like exactly what it is:  manufactured fiction.

I won’t do that. The way I see things, you as the reader deserves better than a half-hearted effort. so if a romance or a YA pops out of my head, I’ll write it. Until then, I’m not going to force it; sorry folks.

Stephen King calls fiction “the truth inside the lie.” If I ever find myself being less than honest in my writing efforts, I’ll hang it up for good.  Until then, I’ll continue to write what wants to be written, the best way I know how.


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