FREE e-book for review

So, let’s make a deal…


Zombies, Inc front cover

Zombies, Inc.

I need your help, folks. I need reviews. Honest reviews.

And, since i hate asking for anything without giving something in return, I’ve set up a little shin-dig over at Story Cartel, where you can download a FREE copy of my book Zombies, Inc. Plus, just because I’m a swell guy like that (you in the back, stop laughing or leave the room) I’m even putting up three $10 Amazon gift cards!

All you have to do to qualify is–download the book from here, and follow the instructions. To qualify for one of the gift cards, you must leave a review at the link provided in the email instructions you’ll receive from That’s it. All I ask for is an honest, SPOILER-FREE review.

Well, what do y’all say? Help an ol’ boy out, couldja?


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