The Headache Diaries

For those of you who’ve been following me on Twitter and Facebook lately, you’ve no doubt seen me whining, pissing, and moaning about a monstrous, three-day headache I had recently. Well, after it came back again after a small break, I broke down and went to the doctor today.

I’ve been having these intense, short headaches on and off for years; they usually go away fairly quickly, with no real ill side effects until the next one decides to turn my brain to tapioca. According to the doctor, they’re called cluster headaches. Makes sense to me; when they hit hard, the whole world becomes one giant cluster f–okay, I’ll watch my language.

After ruling out the usual causes (high blood pressure, sudden diet changes, allergies,  chronic dehydration, etc,) he’s ordered a consult with a neurologist, and sent me off for the first of what I’m sure is going to be many tests, starting with a CT scan this afternoon. Tomorrow is an MRI, and I’m sure they’ll find other ways to poke, prod, and generally annoy me as we go along.

According to the doctor, the likely reason is one of three things:

  • Most likely, brain damage from some of the repeated blows to the head I’ve suffered due to my previous, “colorful” background (his words, not mine) In this case, there’s very little to be done but pain meds when they hit.
  • Next likely is the high blood pressure thing, although my bp has always been normal, even during my heart attacks.
  • Least likely (and most alarming) is an aneurysm; he doesn’t think this is likely, but wants the neuro consult to rule everything out.

So it’s been a pretty sucktastic week and a half or so, as the brain-melting, eye-popping pain tearing through my skull made me miss a lot of time with my kids, the monthly date night we had scheduled, and put me seriously behind on my next novel. I’m maybe 2/3rds done, when I should have been finished last Friday.)

Just thought I’d update those of you who’ve expressed concern over the last few days. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.


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