Bullies in movies and print

So, bullies.

Everyone hates them, right? So why are they such a draw in every movie or book they appear in?

Well, they’re there because we love to hate them. And I’m no exception. I can’t stand bullies, in any setting. Makes my teeth ache. I’ve dealt with a few in my time, both on the recieving end, and at times when I’m compelled to intervene on someone else’s behalf. I despise this type of person.

And yet, here I am, with an idea for a story about a group of them that won’t go away. It’s become so persistent, in fact, that I sat down and banged out quite a bit of pre-writing on it.

Everyone’s had that one person that just about drove them over the edge at some point in life; if you haven’t, you’re probably not getting out enough. The problem is, writers are people, with the same experiences, and there is a LOT of pointless, one-dimensional, bully-revenge fantasy being written. Some of it even gets made into movies.


Easily one of the worst revenge-fantasy movies ever to escape Hollywood’s cutting rooms.

I won’t waste my time reading most of it, or watching the movies it spawns. I certainly don’t want to waste anyone’s time by writing it. So, I’m tasked with the somewhat unenviable task of taking a group of loathesome little human beings and making the audience connect with them. I have to make them seem human.

Or I could toss it into the dustbin that HEATHERS and a whole lot of internet-posted fiction should go into; I guess we’ll see.


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