New Computer Build coming soon!

We’re running out of room.

Not in the house, although things are certainly cozy around here. No, we’re running out of storage room on our computers. Between pictures, music, and movies, we’re filling up both hard drives at a pretty rapid rate. What to do?
Most people would just buy a few external hard drives, or maybe even upgrade their computers. Me? I want something a little more….nerdy.

Time to build a file server.

I have plenty of cases, and enough hard drives to start. So, for the nominal purchase of a motherboard and processor, and some memory, I’m going to build a centralized file repository.

Technically it won’t be a “server” so much as a dumping ground computer that’s linked to our homegroup. Since it won’t be a performance machine, I think I can get away with a lower-end processor and minimum memory.
Updates as progress ensues.


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