This is my scooter:

ZNEN Supremo 150cc

This scooter was stolen from my address in the middle of the night on 9/20-9/21

Police and insurance reports have been filed.  If you see this scooter, MO license plate CM7DW, please contact the Springfield Police Department at (417) 864-1810, and refer to report #12-40005.


Bullies in movies and print

So, bullies.

Everyone hates them, right? So why are they such a draw in every movie or book they appear in?

Well, they’re there because we love to hate them. And I’m no exception. I can’t stand bullies, in any setting. Makes my teeth ache. I’ve dealt with a few in my time, both on the recieving end, and at times when I’m compelled to intervene on someone else’s behalf. I despise this type of person.

And yet, here I am, with an idea for a story about a group of them that won’t go away. It’s become so persistent, in fact, that I sat down and banged out quite a bit of pre-writing on it.

Everyone’s had that one person that just about drove them over the edge at some point in life; if you haven’t, you’re probably not getting out enough. The problem is, writers are people, with the same experiences, and there is a LOT of pointless, one-dimensional, bully-revenge fantasy being written. Some of it even gets made into movies.


Easily one of the worst revenge-fantasy movies ever to escape Hollywood’s cutting rooms.

I won’t waste my time reading most of it, or watching the movies it spawns. I certainly don’t want to waste anyone’s time by writing it. So, I’m tasked with the somewhat unenviable task of taking a group of loathesome little human beings and making the audience connect with them. I have to make them seem human.

Or I could toss it into the dustbin that HEATHERS and a whole lot of internet-posted fiction should go into; I guess we’ll see.

New Computer Build coming soon!

We’re running out of room.

Not in the house, although things are certainly cozy around here. No, we’re running out of storage room on our computers. Between pictures, music, and movies, we’re filling up both hard drives at a pretty rapid rate. What to do?
Most people would just buy a few external hard drives, or maybe even upgrade their computers. Me? I want something a little more….nerdy.

Time to build a file server.

I have plenty of cases, and enough hard drives to start. So, for the nominal purchase of a motherboard and processor, and some memory, I’m going to build a centralized file repository.

Technically it won’t be a “server” so much as a dumping ground computer that’s linked to our homegroup. Since it won’t be a performance machine, I think I can get away with a lower-end processor and minimum memory.
Updates as progress ensues.