Dumb people are still dumb, and I’m procrastinating too much

Well, it seems people still haven’t learned how to use fireworks responsibly:


I stopped preaching about this years ago, because it seemed like a waste of time. Drunk people will do stupid things until the day the world ends.

In other news, I’m having a really rough time getting into this book I’m working on, but it’s no one’s fault but mine. I haven’t been blocking out the distractions well enough lately; Netflix and the crazy antics of my kids are altogether more entertaining than trying to find the voice of a teenage girl dealing with the impossible. I have a rare chance tonight; the wife is working ’til midnight, and the kids will be out long before that. So, time for drastic measures. There will be music, root beer, a pipe, the computer, and me. No more excuses; I’ve been sitting at 159 pages for four days now, and I fully intend to break the 200 page mark before I hit the sack. Looks like tomorrow will be a little-to-no-sleep day, but that’s how it is; I want to have this first draft done and well into the editing stage before classes start up again.





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