The Ideal Reader: Who am I writing for, and why?

Today I thought I’d talk a little bit about the one thing every writer has, whether they know it or not. I’m talking about that one person they write for, what Stephen King called the “Ideal Reader.” This is the one-person target audience every piece is aimed at. For me, that person is my wife. When I write a particularly good passage, it’s always her reaction I see.


But it takes more than that to be an Ideal Reader; he or she MUST be an honest critic; if it doesn’t work for your IR, it sure won’t work for an agent or editor. A good IR will tell you what works and what doesn’t, whether or not they liked the piece, and (most importantly) the reasons behind it. I’m lucky in that my IR is also an eagle-eyed proofreader.


The question for today is: Who’s YOUR Ideal Reader, and why?


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